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August 24, 2004: AMDAS version 4.1S6.2 is now available.

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Installation instructions are available here.

Please note:

This version of AMDAS is designed to be used with S-PLUS version 6.2 from Insightful and supercedes
all prior versions.

You must have S-PLUS 6.2 installed to use this new version.

AMDAS v4.1S6.2 includes all current bug patches. All AMDAS users should switch to this new version.

Tools for migrating data imported using prior versions of AMDAS into the new version are available
(see the release notes included with the installation package).

Except as noted in the Release Notes, the current version of the AMDAS Users Guide is applicable to v4.1S6.2.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) about AMDAS are now available.

All users should upgrade to AMDAS 4.1S6.2 now. Please fill out the form below to start the download process. If you are already a member of the AMDAS _News email news list, you do not need to subscribe again. You can learn more about AMDAS 4.1S6.2 by viewing the release notes included with the installation package.

What is AMDAS ?

AMDAS (formerly known as PAMSDAS ) is a PC-based, user-friendly, menu driven program that provides air quality analysts and managers with easy "point and click" access to air quality data for browsing, preparing tabular and graphical summaries, and performing statistical analyses.  No knowledge of statistical data analysis software programs is required to use AMDAS AMDAS currently includes features specifically designed for the analysis of meteorological and air quality data contained in EPA's Air Quality System (AQS). 
AMDAS can be used to analyze meteorological data, routine air quality data (i.e., hourly ozone, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, etc.), speciated VOC and carbonyl compound data (i.e., PAMS data), and atmospheric particulate matter data, including PM
10 and PM 2.5 total mass and speciated sample data.

What do I need to use AMDAS ?

AMDAS is primarily written in the S statistical computing language originally developed by AT&T and makes use of the many enhancements and extensions to S contained in the S-PLUS data analysis package available from the Insightful Corporation . To use AMDAS version 4.1S6.2 you will need:

Pentium II/233 or faster processor with at least 96 MB of RAM

SuperVGA, or other Windows compatible graphics card and monitor

Microsoft Mouse or other Windows compatible pointing device

Supported Platforms

How do I get AMDAS ?

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